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Our Riding holidays

If you are touring Scotland or visiting relatives you can stop off here for a day's riding with or without accommodation. The route will follow the spectacular coast going East or West with cliff tops and beach rides. Breaking for a picnic lunch after approximately 10 miles. Lunch will be outdoors if possible, if the weather is poor we will have lunch round the kitchen table. The terrain throughout varies from beach to quiet roads, hills, fields and tracks. There will be opportunities to alter the pace of the ride, you can walk, trot, canter and gallop at various stages. There are plenty of cross-country jumps en-route for those seeking more excitement!

Full day dinner, bed & breakfast £210
Full day 5 - 6 hours & lunch £140
Half day 3 hours & lunch £95
Half day dinner, bed & breakfast, Half day & lunches £220

On the second day we will again start at 9.30 - 10am. We head into the hills to enjoy dramatic views over unspoiled Galloway farmland down to the sea. After around 10 miles we head back down through forest towards the sea and stop for a picnic or barbecue lunch at another family farm. From here we ride back to our base at Auchencairn House. Depending on the tide we can take the opportunity to ride across Auchencairn Bay on the sand - an unforgettable end to a remarkable riding holiday. Lastly, we sink into hot baths and enjoy a final feast before departing on the Monday morning. You can even make the early Ryan Air flight from Prestwick arriving in London Stansted at around 8 - 9am (if you want to get back to work!) Here you will find a genuine experience of a working Estate in an untouched area of beaches, woodland, hills, fields and dramatic coastal views.

After lunch we ride down past the ancient Dundrennan Abbey (where Mary, Queen of Scots spent her last night on Scottish soil) and along country lanes to Marks Farm, around 10 miles from Orroland, where we stop for the night. The horses are turned out in a field for the night and you will again enjoy a fine dinner and comfortable night in this excellent family run guest house.

For riders and non-riders at the end of the day you will get a welcome cream tea before departure. In the evening the horses are turned out in a field for the night and you will again enjoy a fine dinner and comfortable night back at Auchencairn House. Our horses are all between 14.3 and 17 hands high and of English and Irish Hunter types. They are sensible, reliable and fun to ride. Riders need to be experienced and confident. We use English tack and hard hats are required.

Once the horses are bedded for the evening you will have the opportunity to wash and change before pre -dinner drinks. You can then enjoy a dinner made using the finest locally produced ingredients. Dinner is usually around 8:30pm, with the other riders, in the decorative stately dining room, followed by a night cap by the log fire in the library.

Please note that we do not provide transfers from Prestwick (1 hr 15mins), Glasgow (2 hrs) or Edinburgh (2hrs) airports. Car hire is available from each of these airports.

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Enjoy a horse riding holiday in Scotland

Do you love horses? If the answer is yes and you want to try out horseback riding, than you have to visit Scotland. It is a place with incredible nature just like made for horseback riding. And even if you are an specialist, don't miss the opportunity to go for a ride, if you are near Scotland. Not only the grass areas and forests seem like the most beautiful in the world, but also the beaches where it is the most interesting to ride a horse, for me.

Highlights Unbridled will offer you an incredible time in Scotland. They offer horse riding and pony trekking, so both you and your children, will have an incredible time there. They are located near the sea, so that it is possible to even take a ride on a beach. Once you go there and do that you will see that it is much more interesting to feel the salty breeze of the sea wind on a horse than on a boat. Their horses are well bred and they will give you for sure a wonderful holiday experience.

Riding a horse

This is a noble sport. People often do it since they are little and once they feel the beauty of horse riding they never want to stop doing it. But it is never too late to start doing that. Many horse riding organizations and travel agencies offer trainers and help with learning it. They will give you the opportunity to learn in closed space and show you how to communicate with the horse and tell where you want it to go. You need to know that horses are very powerful but gentle animals and they love humans. And they will keep you away from internet and all the tempting big breast girls.

The Seacliff Stables in Seacliff, North Berwick in Scotland will offer you the most incredible opportunity to ride horses in Scotland, for sure. You can ride on premium breed horses that are well trained and do that on one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland. The nature seems like untouched and you will really experience the most wonderful family vacation there. They even have 57 five - star feedbacks on tripadvisor from the people that visited them and enjoyed what they have to offer.

The beautiful forests of the Solway Coast in Scotland offer you some untouched nature, that seem like no human ever took a step there. No buildings and no people can be found around and the woods seem so inviting and heavenly. The fresh air will make you feel like new, and you will bond with your horse for sure. 1.4 miles away from the city you will find a small place called Cherry Lodge. They have a beautiful small house that you can rent and feel the real Scottish life for a few days. A little further you will also find a wonderful place to stay at. About 6.5 miles in the same direction you will find a place called Isles Farm Bungalow, that also has something special. It has really something to it, all that nature, beautiful animals and climate, that no sea, beach and no mountain can offer.

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