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Why you should take horseback riding lessons at Glorious Galloway

If you have never took a ride on a horse, than you must consider doing it in the near future. Why? Because it is an interesting, amazing and bonding sport. But since it is your first time you have to consider taking horseback riding lessons. One of the best places to do all that and get the full and best horse riding experience is Scotland.

Aside from a wide and various range of accommodation options, at Glorious Galloway they have professional trainers that will help you understand your horse. They will teach you how to tell what you want to you horse but also how to understand what it is saying to you. You do not need to go and buy your equipment by yourself, they will help you and give you good deals. But if you want to know what is essential then you can keep reading. You will need your own riding gloves and breeches, but also boots, a helmet and if you want a saddle and an English bridle. They will have everything else. Keep in mind that the saddle and bridle is not essential to have as a beginner.

You will have to lose your fear if you have, any before you go there, because the animals, especially horses, can feel it and they won't trust you from the beginning. You should also know that they can almost feel what you think, so be open from the very first time come close and touch a horse. Be sure to bring a snack with you, like a cut apple, carrot or sugar.

According to the typical Scottish hospitality, after doing an appointment be sure to also search for other places in Scotland where you can try out what you have learned. Visit the east or the west of Scotland where you can ride on one of the most wonderful beaches in the world, at the best possible accommodation prices.

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