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Scotland hippodromes you will enjoy visiting

You love horses and everything about riding, training and watching them? If yes, then Britain and especially Scotland, is the right place for you. Just make sure to take your credit card, because they will have everything else you need to enjoy your horse - themed holiday.

Hippodromes can offer you the full horse riding experience. You can watch premium breed horses race, and maybe even do some gambling. One of those places in Scotland is the Ayr Racecourse at Whitletts Road, Ayr, Scotland. April and September are the months to be there, because then is the time where the most professional races and events happen. But if you are more of a riding than watching person, than you will have plenty opportunities to ride a horse yourself in Scotland. And do that not anywhere but on one of the most beautiful beaches for horse riding in the world.

Musselburgh Racecourse is also a horse racing venue located in Scotland. You can really enjoy your time in Scotland there. It is the biggest of its kind after Ayr in Scotland. They have course flat racing but also national hunt meetings. The course is 2 km long and in the middle of it there is a nine - hole golf course dating from 1672. Every year over 70.000 people visit Musselburgh Racecourse. They really give their best to ensure you have a great time there. But the best one to visit in Scotland is Glorious Galloway, go there and you will see why, I enjoyed it the most.

Whatever you decide, either to visit a Racecourse and watch horses or to go on the countryside and ride them in beautiful nature, heavenly forests or wonderful beaches, you will enjoy your time for sure. Make sure to check all the beautiful houses you can rent in Scotland to ensure the total feel of Scottish life. You will have a wonderful time in Scotland even if it is your first time riding a horse.

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